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Powell-Peralta SSF G-Slides 85A

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Please Note: Wheels will be delivered as a set of 4!
Powell-Peralta presents a high-quality wheel designed to offer the perfect balance of speed,... more
Product Information
Powell-Peralta presents a high-quality wheel designed to offer the perfect balance of speed, grip and slide-ability - the SSF G-Slides 85A Wheels!

In sizes of 56mm or 59mm, these wheels are a little smaller than most longboard wheels, but they offer a different type of ride. They can be used on cruiser boards or longboards and have a cored design to reduce weight. They feature SS Formula urethane that's designed to stand up to extreme slides while maintaining a grippy and comfortable ride. They have medium-soft 85A durometer.

Get a set of the SSF G-Slides 85A Wheels and get ready for insane slides and a comfortable ride on your cruiser or longboard!
Wheel Hardness: 85A | Hub: Core Wheels |
Material: folgt in Kürze
Item Number : 0133826
GTIN: 0845584098315
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19 Jan 2022
All terrain Formula Destroy Pebbles!

Nice wheels for downhill tech slide tricks! Soft slide formula smooth ride for dirty spots!

11 Nov 2021
Nice Price!

Too cool for techslide dirt downhill !

9 Nov 2021
All terrain Formula Destroy Pebbles!

Super fun wheels 4 dirty downhill tech slide tricks! Too Cool!

6 Oct 2021

Really great wheels. You can ride it everywhere, no matter rough tarmac or park. Very fast and comfortable. You can slide it as well :)))))

24 Jul 2019
you will love them

Great wheels, you can skate rally everywhere with them. Slide is unbelievable, easy but controllable at any moment. Performance at new level. I like oldschool boards and this combination (G-slide 56 mm / 169 indy with 1/4" riser pads/ Flight 9.265 desk) returns me in my teens year :))))))))

8 Nov 2018
Translated comment:

I found these wheels really awesome! I bought the 59mm and use them with 1/4 risers to prevent wheelbites. Perfect. The wheels are beautifully soft and skate easily over rougher pavement.

7 Nov 2018
Translated comment:

The pros and cons of these wheels over smaller and harder wheels are pretty apparent, but I have a few extra things I could add.
The size: I ride the 59mm with big Arsenal Trucks (dropthrough). With these trucks, the wheels actually look quite small but they skate over smooth asphalt super light with grat performance. On stone streets, they do occassionally hang up and are a little louder, but they are still quick. Normal cracks in the pavement are no problem at all. One benefit is that my board sits a little close to the pavement which gives it a very stable feel during fast turns and slides.
The hardness: I've done a few slides and these wheels have a nice and controllable slide. They have enough grip for a beginner and will not easily slide out during turns without you really trying to do so.
Overall: The wheels look really cool and smaller sizes available offer a lower riding setup. Get some and head to your local parking garage to see what they can really do! :D

18 Jun 2017

Love them ! On rough streets, parks, bowl... they are so fast and comfy!