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TITUS - Home of Skateboarding

Titus already had a skate shop in Münster at the end of the 70s. Titus Dittmann founded his skateboard company TITUS at the end of the 70s with a couple of his friends. Thanks to the shared belief in the sport’s future success and a whole bunch of blood, sweat and tears, TITUS grew quickly. It was difficult to find a skateboard in Europe at the time - skateboarding was still relatively unknown - so Titus began flying to California and decided to buy skateboards and accessories for himself and his friends.

Over 30 Titus Skate Shops Within Germany!

Team Titus rider Vladik Scholz in Lisbon. The number of Titus stores grew at a quick pace over the years. Today, 30 stores and skate outlets are part of Titus’ shop network. In addition to selling skateboards, skate accessories, skate shoes and streetwear in-store, Titus has a vast variety of skate-related items available in their online shop. You can easily browse skate stuff and even find some incredible deals in our “Sale” section online.

TITUS Stuff and Collabs

The TITUS private label has tons of great streetwear for guys and girls. In addition to selling imported items from big American brands, TITUS has lots of their own stuff to offer you, too. TITUS products featuring the famous UP logo have been a staple in the industry since their inception in 1978. Browse our online shop and find high-quality TITUS decks, TITUS Lites Trucks, TITUS Tornados bearings, TITUS longboards and TITUS skate wheels along with a wide selection of streetwear for guys, girls and kids. TITUS stuff is available for an insane price/quality relationship you’ll need to see for yourself to believe - don’t miss out!

The First Class TITUS Team

Yannick Schall and Jeremy Reinhard from Team Titus. TITUS has of course had their very own, first-rate skate team since 1978 as well. In addition to Team Captain Yannick Schall, famous riders like Jeremy Reinhard, Vladik Scholz, Jost Arens, Patrick Rogalski and Markus Blessing are all part of the team. The crew loves to skateboard and organize tours, demos, workshops and of course regularly attend contests. In addition to actively skating, the team helps design new products, too, which is easy to recognize with lots of our current signature decks.

Videos and More from the TITUS Universe!

In addition to selling skateboards and streetwear, TITUS is active in lots of skateboard media. The Team TITUS tours are always filmed and properly documented, and lots of other interesting information can be found in the “news” section at or on the TITUS YouTube channel. The motto makes it clear: TITUS is the HOME OF SKATEBOARDING! Team Titus reviewing some footage from a session.