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The Welcome Skateboards logo.

Welcome Skateboards

Skateboarding is supposed to be fun. That’s the general consensus, at any rate. This cool indie company was founded by Jason Ceyla - he calls himself the “Minister of Magic” - in 2009 with a start-up budget of $2,000. They’ve since become a legitimate alternative to mainstream skateboarding. Welcome team rider Jordan Sanchez.

Welcome Skateboards and Shaped Decks

Jason and his friends originally just wanted to try riding skateboards that didn’t seem to be on the market. They were tired of popsicles, old-schools and cruisers, and wanted something more. That’s why they decided to start making unique, functional “fun shapes”. Their idea was a success: whether it’s their spoon, shovel or “90s” nose and tails, Welcome frequently cranks out new models and decks. Your logical next question is probably something like, “but are they skateable?” And the answer would be a resounding “yes”! For the most part, their decks can be skated just like regular popsicles. Welcome Skateboards team rider Ryan Townley with a Frontblunt.

The Welcome Team

The Welcome team is made up of mostly unknown rippers who are friends of the brand owners (and pure skateboarding!) Their lineup includes: Jordan Sanchez, Nolan Johnson (Noly), Chris Milic (Mango), Logan Devlin (Loggie), Logan Lara (Loglar), Daniel Vargas (Dvargs), Ryan Lay (Punchy), Erick Winkowski, Mark McCoy (Marky Numbers), Kody Karnahan, Brandon Perelson, Ryan Townley, Nora Vasconcellos, Sam Cole, Lukas Miller, and Will Blaty.