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Venture Trucks - Awake!

Since it's founding in the early 1980's by Fausto Vitello and Keith Cochrane, Venture Trucks have been providing skaters with quality trucks that meet the demands of modern skateboarding. Skate legend Mark Gonzales can even be seen in Venture advertisements from the mid 80's! Since then, Venture has grown into a leading skateboarding truck company with a team consisting of the world's best skaters.

Venture Trucks: Always on the Grind

Venture Trucks are available in various widths, heights, lightweight constructions, and colors. The widths are classified as 5.0, 5.2 or 5.8 and come in a low or high profile. Their V-Lights feature a hollow kingpin and the V-Hollow Lights have a hollow axle for even more weight reduction. Their trucks come in countless color combinations and pro model colorways. All their trucks are produced by Ermico Enterprises in San Francisco with the highest quality standards. Ermico is the only foundry in the U.S. that manufactures trucks exclusively for the Skateboard industry. Venture is truly "Made in the USA".