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Rayne Longboards

Rayne Longboards specializes in the production of premium-quality longboard decks. Their boards have a focus on high-performance and design. They offer models made especially for downhill racing, free riding and long distance riding. Rayne was founded by Graham Buksa in 2004. In 2008, Rayne developed a special manufacturing process to produce boards made entirely of bamboo and fibreglass. This design gives their boards extremely low weight, water resistance, and longer lasting flex than conventional longboard decks. They offer various shapes and an array of awesome graphics. Rayne Longboards is undoubtedly one of the pioneer companies in longboarding!
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The Rayne Longboards Team

 The Rayne team includes Patrick Switzer, Kyle Wester, George Mackenzie, Marisa Nunez, Paul Kent, Alvaro Bajo Fernandez, Kevin Bouaich, Luke Melo, Mike Fitter, Mischa Chandler, Roberto Cobian, Tommy Watson, Tony Graves, Will Edgecombe, Anna O’Neill, Caio Cezar Alves Nunes, Cameron Kite, Chela Giraldo, Daniel Hawes, Deen Mondt, Fernando Bailleres, Gerardo Cancio, Mark Short, Max Meurling, Mike Benda, Mike Slota, Nick Jean, Kevin Hashimoto, Noriyuki Tamura, Reese boyko, Philipp Schickor, Tyler Peterson, Riley Irvine, Dane Hanna, Kurtis Scott, Lukas Ziman, Keyla Dennise and Will Smallwood.