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Emerica: This is Skateboarding

Emerica’s logo and slogan. Emerica: by skaters, for skaters! The subsidiary company of Sole Technology was founded in 1996 by ex-freestyle world champion Pierre André Sénizergues, who also founded Altamont and Etnies. Yeah, he really got around. Lots of factors contributed to Emerica’s success in the years that followed. Skateboarders like Andrew The "Boss" Reynolds, Bryan Herman, Justin "Figgy" Figueroa, Brandon Westgate, Leo Romero, Ed Templeton, Collin Provost, Jerry Hsu, Kevin "Spanky" Long and Jeremy Leabres expressed their support for the brand early on. The label also managed to create some seriously epic skate videos like Yellow, This is Skateboarding, Stay Gold and MADE: Chapter One and Chapter Two. The Californians also gained lots of attention thanks to their stylish shoe and streetwear collections. Emerica has the reputation of being an authentic, trustworthy skateboard brand unlike any other. The Emerica Team.

Emerica: Stay Gold

Another factor that contributed to the label’s success is their unofficial poster boy, Andrew Reynolds. The “Boss” is definitely the most influential skater ever to be a part of Emerica’s team. Over the course of his career, Andrew Reynolds had quite the impact on their shoe designs, too. Emerica’s shoes are known for their excellent quality. That’s probably because all their models have to undergo some insane tests and are constantly being improved in the lab over at the Sole Tech Institute. Andrew Reynolds is the poster boy for the Emerica team.

The Sole Tech Institute - Footwear Innovation

The STI Foam foot bed is one of many skate performance features developed in the STI lab. It protects your feet from impacts and shocks that happen during sessions and lowers the risk of injury in the process. Emerica shoes include a G6 sole construction, which also absorbs shocks and is ridiculously comfortable. If you stumble across a shoe that offers excellent grip, flexibility, cushioning, breathability and durability, it’s probably got that good old Made in Emerica sticker on it somewhere!