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Bones Bearings Kugellager Bearing Cleaning Unit no color Vorderansicht

Bones Bearings Bearing Cleaning Unit

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The Bones Bearings Cleaning Unit is the perfect tool for cleaning your bearings. They are... more
Product Information
The Bones Bearings Cleaning Unit is the perfect tool for cleaning your bearings. They are attached to the pole where spacers hold them in position, and the 1/3 of the bottle is filled with pure alcohol. After the cleaning process it is recommended to lubricated the bearings with Bones Speed Cream.

While cleaning your bearings, you should protect your hands with rubber gloves. Detailed instructions are enclosed in the Cleaning Unit.


- perfect way to clean your bearings
- easy and efficient
- works with all commercially available skate-bearings
- detailed instructions enclosed
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    Bones Bearing Cleaning Unit ohne Kugellager
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9 Nov 2018
Translated comment:

You can't find an alternative design that's better for this price.
At first I was a little intrigued by the design with the spacers on the rod inside which is smaller than the inner bearing ring, but it can also be used for bearings with a smaller inner ring than standard. Very comfortable to use.

9 Nov 2018
Translated comment:

Makes cleaning so much easier - awesome thing!

9 Nov 2018
Translated comment:

Technically you could buy all the stuff for this and make it yourself for less money. However, if you dont want to mess around with building it, this thing does exactly as it says. It is the perfect size and high quality. Good product.

8 Nov 2018
Translated comment:

Very helpful for cleaning your bearings. The fact you can tighten your bearings down inside so they all get equally clean is awesome. Just put two drops of speed cream in the clean bearings when done and they will skate like new :)

8 Nov 2018
Translated comment:

The cleaning tool is perfect and easy to use. I use to clean my bearings in a plastic mentos bottle but this is just way faster and better to clean them.
Greetings, Ruven.

24 Jan 2018

Works awesome and it's unquestionably better, easier, and way faster than trying to clean your bearings individually. The bottle is made out a thick, quality plastic. This is a necessity if you have more expensive bearings as it will pay for itself quickly by greatly increasing the life of the bearings.

7 Dec 2017

It will be highly practical, for me and friends alike.
Still was surprised that with that price no actual cleaning liquid is included.

20 Feb 2017