Patrick Rogalski

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Birth date 26.04.1990
Born in Goslar
Living in Berlin
Sponsors Team Titus, Titus Berlin/Zoopreme, Iriedaily, Berioo, Bones Wheels
Setup 8.25 Titus Salami Deck, Titus Grip, Bones V5 53mm, Bones 6 Balls, Independent Koston Hollow 149, Titus Hardware
Where would you like to live? Madrid or Milan – Italy is dope!
Favorite Place #baenkelife
Favorite Superhero Spawn
Favorite Photographer D Wag, Biemer, Dennis Scholz, Burny
Favorite Filmer AndyOne, Julius Krappe, Gerrit Piechowski, Dan Schulz, Max Pack, Anton Beliaev, Schiller
Favorite Food Pizza with rocket, fresh tomatoes and parmesan!
Hobbies outside of skateboarding Relaxing!
Favorite band/artist Slayer and Megadeth
Which invention do you admire the most? Polyurethane
What supernatural power would you like to have? Teleportation
What animal would you like to be reborn as? Eagle