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Skateboard Complete | The perfect skateboard for beginners

Start skating right away with the perfect set-up!

“Start ‘em young, practice makes perfect!” – This phrase fits skateboarding better than practically any other sport. Nowadays, skaters as young as 10 are already competing at a pro-level. It’s no wonder, many of these young rippers were already on their first board at age 3! It’s important that even the youngest skaters still have access to the quality skateboards and components that older skaters have. A quality board doesn’t just make skating more fun, it can even make it more safe!
With such a wide selection of skate products available today, it can be difficult for beginner skaters to know where to start when finding their first skateboard set-up. A “set-up” refers to the entire skateboard, i.e. a deck, two trucks, wheels, bearings, griptape, and the bolts or hardware to keep it together. These components should fit together to create a board well-suited for a skater’s individual body and shoe size. This is where complete skateboards make the process a whole lot easier!

Complete skateboard for kids:

To help make everything more simple without sacrificing quality or performance, Titus offers a wide range of professionally pre-assembled complete skateboards. The components of Titus completes are perfectly coordinated to offer the best skate performance as well as a comfortable ride when learning to skate. Especially fitting for younger skaters is the Titus "Triple Schranz Ultra Soft" Complete. This complete features soft bushings in the trucks that make steering the board easy and responsive for skaters who don’t weigh very much. This complete was designed especially for children up to 10 years old.


Complete skateboard for teens:

If you’re looking for a complete skateboard for someone in their early teens, you will most likely need a set-up that is a bit bigger and you won’t need “ultra soft” bushings. However, softer wheels (85a-97a) could still make sense for your set-up if you don’t have very smooth places to skate. If your skater plans to skate at skate parks most often, harder wheels that are 98A to 101A are your best choice as they are faster and more responsive.


Complete skateboard for adults:

You know, complete skateboards aren’t just for beginners! Even if you skated 10 years ago, a complete is an excellent place to start fresh. If you’re looking for something with some true performance, Titus now offers a line of “Pro Assembled” completes. These completes feature a premium deck with our renowned “T-Fiber” construction, 101A wheels equipped with Titus Tornados “Superior” bearings for speed, and our lightweight Titus “Lites” trucks.


Various completes at Titus:

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